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Top 10 has been announced adn we are just waiting for the contestants final photo to be submitted.  Voting starts 12/2 and goes until 12/4 at midnight! 



Judges Challenge #1 has dropped. Competitors, you have until tomorrow at 10pm MST to share your challenge video. 


It's Here! The official start of the 'stachiest month of the year. Competition kits are being delivered & opened (hint an unboxing video would be super cool). 

Once you get your kit make sure to take your entry picture by November 9th and get ready for the FIRST Judges challenge that will be announced November 10th. 

Let's go gentlemen, wax those 'staches, twist those tips and get ready to be a part of the funnest moustache competition on the internet! 


10/30/23 Update:  

Happy Moustache Monday Gents, 

It's official ALL of the entry kits have been shipped and are off to all of you salty 'staches. 

Did you see our email we sent on 10/25? Make sure you put competiton@stachesalt.com on your email list or check your spam folder to make sure you are up to date on ALL of the latest dates, challenges, etc. 

We are only ONE DAY away from the greatest saltiest moustachiest time of year! 

Can't wait to see what you guys have got! 

Stay Salty My Friends, 


10/24/23 Update:

Entry Kits are being assembled and shipped out as we speak. We are excited to get these entry kits in your hands and are ready to get this competition started. 

The competition will still officially kick off 11/01/23 but check your email tomorrow 10/25/23 for specific dates regarding what happens once you get your entry kit. 

May the saltiest 'stache win!



What's Up Everyone! 

We are trying something new this year and adding an update page on our website for those of you who are participating in the 6th Annual 'Stache Salt Moustache Competition. 

This page will be where you get updates on all things competition. 

So to start...

1. ALL Entry kits will be going out the week of 10/23. This includes any items (with the exception of apparel) that you ordered WITH your kit. 

2. The competition starts 11/1 BUT your first entry picture is NOT DUE until 11/6. 

3. Add email competition@stachesalt.com to your email as once the competition starts all challenges, updates, and news will be sent from that email. 

4. For any other questions about timing, click here. Dates are subject to change. 

That's it for now! 

Thank you everyone for joining the fun and may the saltiest 'stache win!

- Griffin