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Freedom Blend- Extra Strong Moustache Wax

Scent: Gunpowder & Caramel Corn

Hold: Extra Strong 

Packaging: 1oz screw top tin

Ingredients: Beeswax, Lanolin, Jack Daniel's Whiskey, & 100% pure essential oils. 

MAY REQUIRE HEAT TO USE.We recommend using a hair dryer to melt. A little goes a long way. 
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Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Glad I found it.

This wax was recommended by a random Reddit stranger. I had basically stopped waxing my mustache because I was sick of using the other stuff I had because they'd changed the formula and it was too oily/gooey rather than waxy/solid. So I bought this stuff and initial impression was…ok. Kind of smelled like a fresh pink bandaid at first. I heated some up and applied and it turned out to be the hold and texture I wanted, so that was a plus. But the best part is that slowly the scent changed and now I just can't get enough. It smells like pipe tobacco, like I'm traveling back 40 years and my dad is taking me to the Tinder Box. Now I'm waxing up even on days I don't need to work. That's how much I enjoy this wax.

Also, you know how when geese fly south for the winter, they fly in that V shape formation? You ever notice how's one side is always a little vlonger than they other? Know why that is? I'll tell ya…

.. There's more geese on that side.

Nick Richino
Awesome Hold!

Okay, this stuff is great! It holds my mustache in place all day and is easy to apply! My new number one wax!

Shawn Montgomery
The day my mustache came to life

I heard about this product from a fellow firefighter. Before I started using this wax my mustache was boring and lame. The day I received the product in the mail was the day my face came to life! The wax truly is amazing quality and the small is great as well. I will definitely continue ordering from stache salt as not only is the product top notch but the company is as well. Any company that gives back as much as stache salt deserves to be supported and they have gained a customer for as long as my mustache grows!

Clint Ward
Freedom Blend plus

Freedom Blend is my favorite Mustache Wax in the industry. The scent is perfect and not overpowering. What I really like about Freedom Blend the most is that it doesn’t leave that greasy look like you see from other waxes. It’s the only wax I’ve tried that gives you a superior hold but also allows the stache to look more natural and not greased up. Hence why it’s my favorite out there.

Rhys B.
Freedom Friday! Gotta pick up a tin of this wax!

Unfortunately this tin had a rough time with USPS. I emailed customer service about the damage and they took care of the problem free of charge, even though I told them they didn’t need to! Faith, Family, and Freedom, that’s Stache Salt! I was hesitant about the smell combo but man it’s so so good! You gotta pick this one up!