Stay Salty My Friends


Sampler Pack - All 3 Holds Mustache & Beard Wax

Can't Decide? Try 3 different holds & 3 different scents. 
Light Hold: Good for beards, goatees and relaxed mustache styles. 
Ol'Fashion: Orange + Whiskey
Shift Change: Coffee + Vanilla
Outdoorsman: Smoke + Wood
Medium Hold: Great for mild styling or for starting to train your mustache. 
Leatherhead: Leather 
Hot Shot: Campfire + Spruce 
Cowboy: Bacon + Clove
Strong/Firme Hold:
Smooth Bore: Peppermint + Pine
After Burn: Tobacco +  Frankincense
Scallywag: Ocean Breeze 

Package: 1oz Screw Top Tins

Ingredients: Beeswax, Coconut Oil, Petroleum Jelly, Frankincense Resin, Lanolin, and 100% Pure Essential Oils 

*****A Portion of each sale will go to a First Responder ( Fire, EMS, Police) in need*****

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Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
John Demel
Great assortment

I’m a new guy when it comes to mustache wax. This sampler pack allowed me ti figure out what type of hold I was looking for. Also it’s nice for different occasions. Strongest hold for work, and medium for my days off. The quality is really good and they all smell really good.

Eric Brown
Nice wax assortment

Wax is great and smells good too

Sammie Fendig
I’m a little salty

This wax came highly revered as the saltiest, most excellent of waxes in all the land. Thrilled, I picked the sampler pack, comb, and a koozie (for good measure) as a gift for my boyfriend. A sort of a “my first mustache” kit, if you will. I placed the order with great anticipation. A fortnight has passed and alas, no wax in sight. The shipping overlords have caused many challenges for businesses, especially small businesses, as of late. My only hope is that it did not get lost or fall into the hands of someone who would use its saltiness for evil. I will continue to await its hasty arrival and upon receipt, will modify said review and surely sing its praises.

Jade LeBouef
Sampler pack

Great hold! Only complaint is the medium and loose hold are sticky and don’t dry up too well

Jonny G.
The myth the wax the legend

This is the best wax on the market